• <b> Kurt:</b> That was Rachel. She was just confirming us for her opening night.<p><b>Blaine:</b> What did you tell her?<p><b>Kurt:</b> I said yeah, if we haven't killed each other in combat class by then, count us in. What happened in there? You were really coming at me, as if you had something to prove. What, I'm not sure...<p><b>Blaine:</b> That I'm as strong as you are.<p><b>Kurt:</b> Okay, but it's not like it's a contest.<p><b>Blaine:</b> Isn't it, on some level? Because for the first time in my life, I really feel like I'm losing. I've felt that way ever since I got to New York. I feel like we're in this race together, and you are just so much farther than I am. And it just feels like the whole balance has shifted.<p><b>Kurt:</b> What balance?<p><b>Blaine:</b> I guess it started with when we first met and you came to Dalton to get away from Karofsky and I wanted to help you through that.<p><b>Kurt:</b> And you did.<p><b>Blaine:</b> And I loved the way that felt. I loved it. I loved being able to protect you, but now I look at your life and it's completely different. You're a star at school, you have all these cool new friends, you started a band. I just, I feel like you don't need me anymore, to protect or anything. I mean, you asked me to move out, for god's sake.<p><b>Kurt:</b> We made that decision together. So so, is that what all this stuff is about, what's going on? Are you trying to get me to eat more?<p><b>Blaine:</b> I don't like the way I feel about myself anymore, Kurt, okay? And you have like this amazing new body. Do you want to know why we haven't been intimate? It's because I feel insecure around you. I feel insecure around my own fiance and FratBoyPhysicals.com isn't going to judge me.<p><b>Kurt:</b> And neither will I, ever. But I'm not going to apologize for not being some delicate flower that needs his boyfriend that needs his boyfriend to protect him. And maybe you're right, maybe it is a contest. Maybe that's the way it has to be with two guys, but I'd much rather be running this race with you rather than against you.<p><b>Blaine:</b> Me too, I just -<p><b>Kurt:</b> As EQUALS.<p><b>Blaine:</b> I know, I know. I know that. I'm sorry, I just - I'm just so scared that you're going to keep changing and keep getting stronger and one day you're going to wake up and you're going to realize "I don't love him anymore."<p><b>Kurt:</b> Never, I'm always going to love you. And I don't want you to be insecure or ashamed around me. Next time you're going through something like this you have to be honest with me.<p><b>Blaine:</b> Okay, okay.<p>